Akumal, MEXICO

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Club Oasis is where I was staying when I am out of the water.

Where the heck is AKUMAL?!?!

I can hear what you were thinking, so I put a map on this page so you can see where it is. It is about 60 miles south of Cancun.

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Eat, sleep, dive and tequila.

What a great time.

Bring on the big-ass margaritas.

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Below are some of the pics from the trip. Click on the thumbnail to see enlarged version.

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aukboat.jpg (33975 bytes) Believe it or not, we went out in this little boat in some very rough seas. This is the calmest we ever saw the water the whole week. The rest of the time, people were in a real hurry to get off the boat.
At the front of the boat is Tito (our dive master and guide). Then there are the Donkey Divers: Zach, Candice, Jan, Johnny, Stan, me, and hiding behind me was Linda.
aukcor2.jpg (22650 bytes) The sea life was very diverse. This is some of the coral at one of the dive sites.
aukcoral.jpg (29194 bytes)

This clump of coral was full of small fish.

Aukang1.jpg (37885 bytes)

Gray Angel Fish approaching at 12:00.
Could be a collision!

aukang2.jpg (22262 bytes) He turned at the last minute.
aukb1.jpg (102246 bytes) The beach was nice. beautiful resort.
Aukband.jpg (16827 bytes) Live entertainment at dinner.
Auklinda.jpg (38929 bytes) It was a full moon.
Linda can get a little wild when the moon is full.
Of course we knew that, already.
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