A few of the Donkey Divers are going to be living on a dive boat for a week in the Bahamas.

Check out the web site to learn more about the dive operation: Stuart Cove

The pictures below are from a trip that four of us made a few years ago.

Dinner4.JPG (125742 bytes)

Four of the Donkey Divers (Johnny, Linda, Wally and I) made a quick trip to Nassau in the Bahamas in May of 2002 for a very pleasurable dive trip. The diving was good. The food was great and the company was most enjoyable. It was so much fun, we decided to do it again in August of 2004. Check back in a couple of weeks to see the pics from the latest trip.
Dinner3.JPG (135082 bytes) We managed to find an excellent restaurant every night.
View.JPG (126540 bytes) This was the view off our balcony. The hotel (Ocean South) was next door to Stewart Cove's dive center so we didn't have far to carry our gear.
J&Lcouch.JPG (115695 bytes) Here Johnny and Linda wait for our table before dinner.
Shmje1.JPG (86345 bytes) OK, enough of the dry pictures. Here are the ones most of you came here to see. On my second dive in the Bahamas, I was greeted by over a dozen Caribbean reef sharks. What a great welcoming party.
Shmje5.JPG (99097 bytes) This shark was sneaking around behind me. I get a little nervous when they are swimming behind or below me.
shark1.jpg (118916 bytes) These were a couple of my dive buddies on one dive.
Shark2.JPG (48643 bytes) This guy smiles as he approaches for a closer look.
Shark7.JPG (65042 bytes) I think this guy wanted to wink at me, but sharks don't have eyelids.
ShJohnlin.JPG (46706 bytes) Here comes Johnny but Linda seems to be chasing that shark.
Hmd.jpg (60134 bytes) Johnny wished his young bride a Happy Mother's Day on this dive.
Wallywreck.JPG (101253 bytes) Who's down in there?
Wally looks down into a cargo hole in this wreck.
Wreckmje.JPG (90008 bytes) He might have been surprised to see me pop out of the wreck.
Wreckbow.JPG (77098 bytes) We got to dive on lots of wrecks on this trip.
Some were used in James Bond movies.
shray.JPG (68265 bytes) Can you identify this fish?

I saw this guy on a dive on a shallow reef. He disappeared under some coral so I could not get a good picture of him. I am not sure if this is a shark or a ray. He was about 10 to 12 inches across and about 2 feet long including the tail.
Any ideas on what it is from the underwater naturalists out there? If so, email me:

Flounder2.JPG (18200 bytes) If you blow this picture up and look closely, there is a flounder on the sand and a small cleaning shrimp has come out to clean the surface of the flounder.
Linda YTS.JPG (100907 bytes) Linda swimming with her dive buddy, the yellow stripe snapper. This guy seems to follow her. No matter where in the world we dive, he shows up to dive with Linda.
Mask1.JPG (78236 bytes) Johnny and Linda found this new mask and bought it for my birthday. It has magnifying lenses that flip out of the way. They can be flipped into place to look at fish far off under the water or Seminoles when we are on land.
How thoughtful can friends be?
Mask3.JPG (71426 bytes) Here I am trying out my new mask underwater. Notice that the telescopic lenses are engaged in this picture.
safetyline.JPG (65013 bytes) This is always a good sight when you are running low on air and the sharks are circling. "I found the boat again."
Johnny Wally safe.JPG (73770 bytes) Johnny and Wally hanging on to the safety stop line.
Shark9.JPG (51363 bytes) Well, once we leave the dive sight, this guy figured there was no need to stick around. Things get boring once the Donkey Divers are gone.
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