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The Donkey Divers returned to Belize 5 years after our first visit.

To learn more about the boat we lived on this trip click on the logo below.


Click on this image to see the turtle that swam me in Belize. This is a huge file so if you are on dial up, you may want to skip this one.

Check out this video of squid at night. We came across a few schools of squid. They ranged from a dozen to more than 30.
If you look closely you can see some of the squid eating. About half way through one squid bites off the head of fish it has pulled into its mouth and the tail of the fish falls to the sandy floor.

OK those squids were interesting but here is one squirting ink. Watch the one on the left. First it grabs something to eat and then it squirts and darts about a foot away.

Ever watch a hermit crab eat? They scoop sand into their mouth with their legs, they eat all the algae off the sand and spit it out. Look at this video and see how fast this guy can eat and puke.

Here is a video of a Sergeant Major fertilizing eggs. The purple spot on the coral is the patch of eggs just laid by the female and the male is busy swimming back and forth across the eggs as he fertilizes them.

Maybe you have seen those little Christmas Tree Worms pop back in their hole when you get close but have you ever see them come back out? They aren't as fast. This video is not a trick. It just takes patients, good buoyancy control and steadiness to compensate for the surge. This is video of two different worms coming out and one going back in.

Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged images.

We lived on this boat for an entire week of nothing but eating, sleeping and diving. The crew was great. They took care of our every wish.
To learn more about the boat, click here  and then click on "Sun Dancer II video" to see a video.
The only time we left the boat was on Wednesday when we spent a couple of hours on Half Moon Cay where we were able to observe nature on a tropical island and enjoy lunch. Here the Donkey Divers pose for a picture on the beach.
We ran into a few large schools of squid on night dives. Here are just two squid in the night.
We had 6 days of wonderful diving. I got in 26 dives and spent 28 hours and 40 minutes under water. My deepest dive of the week was to 138 feet in the Great Blue Hole of Belize.
This Green Moray was coming out to take a look at me.
These two Gray Angels were grazing in the grassy shallows.
This is a juvenile drum fish. It is very small and displays an urbane elegance as it swims back and forth. I have some good video that I will try to get on this site once I find it in the four hours of video that I am now editing so that you can appreciate its graceful beauty as it moves through the water.
This piece of coral seems to be waving at me as swam by.
This Barracuda was keeping a close eye on me as I passed by.
There was usually a large school of fish under the boat. This dive it was mostly jacks. Sometimes we had more Yellow Tail Snappers or Sergeant Majors and occasionally a couple of Barracudas were the only fish hanging out under the boat.

To see pictures from other dive trips, click on the button below to go to my SCUBA page. It has links to other pages of pictures and dive reports from many different dive trips over the years. 

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