Here we go again. Some of the Donkey Divers went
back to Bonaire for the Fourth of July.

Wally Z, Wally R, Robin, Johnny and Linda are joining
me for some diving in "Divers' Paradise"



Day 1: Well, I broke two of my rules of air travel on this trip and it ended up costing me. I did not discuss the actual flight details with my travel agent at the time I made reservations. I was busy with work and just told her to book flights, room and diving for the dates I requested. She did. Later when I looked at my itinerary I noticed that she had booked me through Miami to San Juan instead of a direct flight from Tampa to San Juan. One of my rules of travel is to always fly the most direct route with the fewest transfers to reduce the chance of missed flights and lost luggage. I thought about asking her to change the flights but it was a few weeks later when I looked closely at the papers and I decided to just leave it and hope for the best. Another rule of travel I try to adhere to is never fly through a southeast hub in the afternoon in the summer. Too much chance of being delayed by thunderstorms and missing your connecting flight. Are you starting to see where this is going? Got stuck on the tarmac for nearly 3 hours in Miami today due to a thunderstorm and missed the only flight from San Juan to Bonaire. Now Wally and I are stuck in Puerto Rico for 23 hours until the flight tomorrow night. We will miss a day of diving and have to pay for hotels in San Juan and Bonaire tonight. Oh well, that is the part of travel today. Not much you can do about it (except kick yourself for not taking the direct flight to San Juan).

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Well, Wally and I finally made it to Bonaire. A day later and few hundred dollars shorter than we had hoped but we are here. On the fourth of July we dove a site with a live web cam. Here I am holding up a sign to everyone. First couple of days we have made 5 dives a day.
Here I am wishing one of my Harley buddies a happy birthday.
Found a lot of neat things underwater the first day. Here is juvenile trunk fish. It is about the size of a pea. The large black area is his eye and the little pointed area is his nose. Hare to tell what you are looking at when they are this small.
Some day, if he is lucky the juvenile in the above picture will grow up to look something like this adult trunk fish.
Look hard to see this seahorse in the center of the picture.
Here are a school of spade fish swimming away.
This is another juvenile fish. I will grow up one day to be a spotted drum fish.
A turtle takes a detour to look me over as he swims towards the surface to get a breath of air.
Here I am checking out the propeller of the Hilma Hooker, a ship that sits in 100 feet of water between the double reefs.
A spotted moray eel.
A golden eel.
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