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Below, you can see some pictures and a report from our trip a few years ago.

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 The DONKEY DIVERS went back to Bonaire.
After diving other top dive locations around the world for the
last three years, we returned to Bonaire where we first
met and formed the Donkey Divers.


Dive Pictures

Land Pictures

Dive Log

Trip Report


Bonaire is a small dessert island in the very southern part of the Caribbean Sea. It is 50 miles north of Venezuela. It is one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao).

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This is a picture of me (far left) and four of my dive
buddies as we are getting out of the water after diving Boca Slagbaai. This site is on the far northwest side of the island.
In 1998 it was a beautiful dive for advanced divers. This year we did not dive this site since the storm, Lenny, destroyed all the coral above 130 feet.

I have been to Bonaire twice.
It is the best diving I have ever seen.
When you consider visibility, coral and fish life along with the
convenience of being able to plan your shore diving,
this place is my favorite.
I can't wait to get another Flamingo stamp in my passport.

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On the southern part of the island is Alice In Wonderland.
One of my all time favorite dive sites. I dove the site once on my most recen trip that makes 5 dives on this site in my last three trips to Bonaire. It ranks right up there with
the Yongala (Coral Sea), China Wall (Great Barrier Reef) and
Desechio Island (off Puerto Rico)

Here are some links to learn more about Dive sites in Bonaire and some live web cams where you can see us when we are in Bonaire:




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