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Took a quick trip in the fall of 2001 down to Grand Cayman.
US Airways was having a special on their awards tickets to the Caribbean.
Free tickets are always a good reason to travel.

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piratbrd.jpg (63009 bytes) I ended up in the Cayman Islands during Pirate Week. BONUS! There were lots of festival events including fireworks, street carnival and parade. People everywhere were dressed as pirates.
morgan.jpg (86995 bytes) Even the crews on many of the dive operations were dressed as pirates. This is Morgan. She is the best captain and divemaster at Treasure Island Divers.
Flag.jpg (71990 bytes) Some of the divers on our dive boat boarded a dive boat from another operation and fought the captain to steel their pirate flag. (Part of the Pirate Week activities)
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This is Brett Mistak. He is the best divemaster at Don Foster's Dive Resort or on the island. We had a great time diving.
DFlogo2.gif (10645 bytes) Click on this logo for link to Don foster's web site.

Turtle.jpg (90629 bytes) The turtles in the Caymans were not afraid of divers. If you approach them slowly and show them your side you can swim along beside them.
fishfts.jpg (75521 bytes) Came across these two schoolmasters in shouting match. They are having a standoff with open mouths.
sqfish.jpg (84407 bytes) A squirrel fish swims near some colorful coral.
bltang.jpg (70421 bytes) This blue tang poses for me.
frangel.jpg (96808 bytes) There were several French Angel Fish on most dives.
rkbeaut.jpg (81452 bytes) This rock beauty stays close to the coral where it can hide if I get any closer.
fish2.jpg (80535 bytes) This fellow keeps an eye on me as he swims between me and another diver in the distance.

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