Well, I am back in the Cayman Islands this time but we decided to try one of the smaller islands so we are on Little Cayman Island this time. Below you can see some pics from my last trip to Grand Cayman. Johnny, Linda and Wally will all be with me this time along with about 8 more Donkey Divers.

cayman_logo.gif (2643 bytes)   Cayman Islands 2002


Got a call from Johnny and Linda. They were running down to the Caribbean for a quick dive trip with Wally. They needed a fourth diver to fill out the group. Click on the logo below to see where we stayed.

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Here are some pictures from my trip to
Grand Cayman in January and February 2002

2mistakdinner.JPG (124447 bytes)

I met up with Brett and Sherri Mistak the first night for dinner at the Green Lizard.
You might notice that the Green Lizard likes to drink the same thing I do.
2sunset.JPG (79520 bytes) Another beautiful sunset in at the
Sunset House.
2twin mermaids.JPG (88806 bytes) On this dive I thought I was seeing double. Two mermaids.

2kiss.JPG (174269 bytes)

I couldn't resist stealing a kiss from this mermaid.

2grangel.JPG (104651 bytes)

Gray Angelfish
2juvdrums.jpg (62030 bytes) Here are two very small juvenile drum fish. They have very long flowing dorsal fins. As they grow older the dorsal fins become relatively smaller.
2urchin.JPG (274077 bytes) This one looks much better when you enlarge it (click on the picture). It is a sea urchin that came out at night. The picture is taken from directly above and the spines are going out in all directions.
2redfish.JPG (288967 bytes) Every wreck is different. Most are very interesting but not very colorful. This wreck has managed to grow some really colorful coral.
2redfish2.JPG (296786 bytes) Another area of the same wreck.
I think this wreck is one of the most colorful wrecks I have seen since the S.S. Yongala


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