We decided to try something a little different for Thanksgiving this year. Seven of us headed down to Curacao. This is a Dutch Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela between Aruba and Bonaire. Bonaire is where I spent the last four Thanksgivings.

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Anna was one of the newest Donkey Divers. This was her first dive trip with us. She is an experienced diver. Here she is swimming along a wall of coral at a site called Mushroom Forest.
This is the other new diver that came on this trip. Her name is Donna. As you can see, she is camera shy. She is a relatively new diver. After a week with the Donkey Divers she was diving like a pro.
This is a picture of canal that runs through Wilamstad.
This was a new one me. I had never seen a bat fish before this trip. I also saw my first cornet fish.
Saw a couple of these yellow spotted eels. I haven't seen many of them before.

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