Mexico Diving

On one trip to Mexico I made a few dives in Cancun and Cozumel. I need to get back to Coxumel for some more diving. Cancun was not that great.

Cozumel Ferry.JPG (112128 bytes) Unfortunately, this is the only Cozumel picture I have. Sundown on the ferry on the trip back to Cancun.
Cancunschool.JPG (167158 bytes) There were large schools of fish on the dives in Cancun. Here are some Blue Stirpe Grunts coming right at you.
Canaun coral.JPG (184839 bytes) This Blue Stripe Grunt expores some colorful coral with me.
Cancunfish.JPG (187513 bytes) This Blue Stripe is swimming with a school of Schoolmasters.
Cancun trigger.JPG (175647 bytes) This triggerfish is showing off with all fins extended.

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