Turks and Caicos Islands


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Last week I was doing three things:
1. Eating
2. Sleeping

I made 26 dives and spent 25 hours and 16 minutes underwater. Life doesn't get much better than that.

This was another trip with the Donkey Divers.

Scroll down for pics.

We spent a week on Sea Dancer, a live-aboard dive boat operated by Peter Hughes.

They no longer operate in Turks and Caicos but Explorer Ventures does and I highly recommend their operation. Click on the logo bar below to learn more about them.

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Where is Turks and Caicos?
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tcban_turks.gif (5965 bytes) If you want to learn more about the Turks and Caicos Islands, check out these sites:

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Here are are few pictures from our trip. More will follow soon. stingray.gif (2405 bytes)
Dsc00119.jpg (62291 bytes) The Donkey Divers relax on the bow of the Sea Dancer after a great week of diving off the west shores of Providenciales and West Caicos.

In the back row (l-r): Jennifer, Linda (den mother), Carol, Shawn, Wendy, Stan, Mike (me). Front row: Warren, Wally, Kay, Beth, Ann, Jan (face shaded by her straw hat), and Johnny.

Dsc00125.jpg (61965 bytes) The beautiful ladies of the Donkey Divers pose here with Hoi (topless) and Captain Karen.
TCmikea.jpg (16796 bytes) This innovative entry was the runner-up in the "Best Entry of the Week" competition. Stan had the best entry. You might be able to see that one on the Donkey Diver site soon, if he decides to post it there.
TCcoral1.jpg (85690 bytes) Purple Christmas tree like coral.
TCcoral2.jpg (78067 bytes) Colorful coral at night off the coast of West Caicos.
TCcoral3.jpg (86522 bytes) Bright red coral.
TCstar.jpg (70025 bytes) Spiny star fish out on coral at night.
TCsnail.jpg (60990 bytes) A flamingo tongue snail crawling up on soft coral.
TCscorpn.jpg (83311 bytes) See if you can find the fish in this picture.
TCraysan.jpg (34152 bytes) Another hiding fish. His eye is looking at you. Can you tell what is hiding under the sand?
Dsc00127.jpg (61825 bytes) The last night of the trip we returned to the harbor in Providenciales and set foot on land for the first time in nearly a week. Craig was able to show us to a wonderful local restaurant where we ate in little cabana on the beach across the road from the kitchen. Since there was little traffic, service was quick.
Dsc00133.jpg (62937 bytes) As we sat around after dinner, Jan was watching the men playing dominos. She wanted to play.
Dsc00137.jpg (61647 bytes) Even though we only on land for less than 24 hours, I think we made a definite impression the population. Local men were having some very intense games of dominos when we entered this sea side restaurant. before long three of the ladies from our group had taken over the table and were winning every game.
Dsc00139.jpg (55860 bytes) Jeff proved to be not only a great divemaster, photographer and underwater videographer, but on Friday nights he entertains and takes requests at a local bar on the island.
Dsc00141.jpg (57063 bytes) After the lady Donkey Divers beat the locals at dominos, they put on a show at the Banana Boat. Wendy and Anne show the other guest how to dance and drink at the same time.
Dsc00148.jpg (62738 bytes) Wendy (far left), Jan and Anne (two on the right) are joined by two regulars to the Banana Boat karaoke singing "Brown Eyed Girl"
Dsc00145.jpg (61728 bytes) Hoi dances with Ann and Wendy.

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