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This week I am living on a boat and diving on the second largest barrier reef system in the world.

Click on the link below to see the boat I am on.


Here are some of the pictures from my last trip to Belize.
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Belboat.jpg (69928 bytes) This is the Belize Aggressor III. We lived aboard this boat for 7 days. A live aboard boat is the way to go if you are serious about diving. All you do is eat, sleep and dive. The only bad thing is that this was the first dive trip I ever went on that I gained weight.
Belize3.jpg (62289 bytes) This is the Donkey Divers that went on the trip. We all went ot Bonaire last year. We come very diverse backgrounds, but we all love diving and having fun.
Belize12.jpg (59774 bytes) Here I am taking in some of the abundant, multicolored coral. We got in 5 dives most days. I got in 27 dives all week and spent 24 hours and 10 minutes under water. Life doesn't get much better than this.
Belize7.jpg (34752 bytes) Here are some of the Donky Divers underwater. We had a great time observing underwater life and just having fun.
Belfish.jpg (70180 bytes) There were lots of fish on almost every dive.
Belcoral.jpg (73711 bytes) The color was magnificent in
the thick coral formations.
Belstar.jpg (86953 bytes) This is a brittle star fish that has come out
at night and climbed up on this red coral.
Belflower.jpg (119225 bytes) These feather dusters topped off
this little area of diverse coral.
Beleel.jpg (122809 bytes) This spotted moray eel was just
one of many eels we saw.
Belsquid.jpg (75100 bytes) We ran into a few squid on a night dive.
Belize6.jpg (65717 bytes) Here we are back at the airport getting ready to head back to the USA. Jan (front and center) is holding our new mascott.

To see pictures from other dive trips, click on the button below to go to my SCUBA page. It has links to other pages of pictures and dive reports from many different dive trips over the years. 

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To see more pictures from our trip or to find out more about the Donky Divers, Go to this web site.