Bonaire 2005

Wally Romaniak (Chicago Wally) and I decided to go to Bonaire before the rainy season this year and I picked the week after the full moon in September in hopes of getting some video of the coral spawning. It usually spawns a few days after the full moon in September of October. We also decided to try out a new resort to see how we liked it so we went to the Eden Beach Resort.

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One of the highlights (excuse to drink Brights) was Wally making his 400th dive. He made it at Andrea I, the same dive site where he made his 100th and 200th dives.
We drove up to Karpata one morning to dive one of the best sites on the northern side of the island. This iguana welcomed divers to the site.
This is a spotted moray eel on a wreck at night. He swam around for a while darting in and out of opening on the wreck.
This is a spotted eagle ray that we saw at Andrea II. That morning we saw a couple dozen eagle rays on the east side of the island when we dove with Bas.
This spotted moray eel had taken over this little cove where the juvenile drum fish seen in the foreground of the picture was living. This is the last time that I saw this drum fish in this area. I don't know if he moved or if he was eaten that night after being forced out of his cove.
Found this large starfish (slightly over a foot across) on the east side of the island at Cai when we were diving with Bas
This is a juvenile French Angel Fish swimming around a couple of small brain coral heads.
This is a southern stingray and a barracuda that we saw at Andrea II
Here is a red banded shrimp at night crawling out of his hiding place on a wreck.
This is an arrow crab at night. I could not get him to move away from the orange coral background so he is a little hard to see at first.
Bas showed us some neat things on the east side of the island. Here is a view out through a cave he took us into.
Here is Bas swimming with a turtle.
Date Location Dive site Maximum depth Bottom time
9/18/2005 Bonaire Monte's Divi 60 64
9/18/2005 Bonaire Witch's Hut 67 66
9/18/2005 Bonaire Andrea I 66 62
9/18/2005 Bonaire Eden's Rubble 81 63
9/18/2005 Bonaire Eden's Rubble 85 52
9/19/2005 Bonaire Boka Spelonk 85 61
9/19/2005 Bonaire Cai 47 98
9/19/2005 Bonaire Eden Beach Reef 77 64
9/19/2005 Bonaire Eden Beach Reef 57 69
9/20/2005 Bonaire Cai 49 78
9/20/2005 Bonaire Chairs 132 62
9/20/2005 Bonaire Bachelor's Beach 57 58
9/20/2005 Bonaire Windsock 41 64
9/21/2005 Bonaire Oil Slick Leap 91 61
9/21/2005 Bonaire Andrea II 57 63
9/21/2005 Bonaire Eden Beach Reef 76 56
9/21/2005 Bonaire The Cliff 56 55
9/21/2005 Bonaire Buddy's Reef 41 51
9/21/2005 Bonaire Buddy's Reef 32 85
9/22/2005 Bonaire Ole Blue 76 61
9/22/2005 Bonaire Karpata 49 58
9/22/2005 Bonaire Something Special 49 55
9/22/2005 Bonaire Eden Beach Reef 87 25
9/22/2005 Bonaire Angel City 60 48
9/22/2005 Bonaire Buddy's Reef 31 68


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