Bonaire 2010

Kim got certified to dive in October and nitrox certified in November so that we could dive in Bonaire in December. Below are some pictures from our trip.

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The first night we arrived on the island an hour late, checked in, got a truck and went to Zee Zetch for dinner. Kim enjoyed Nicole's Red Snapper and I had the salmon. dinner was delicious.
Here is the menu. See? I wasn't kidding. It really is called Nicole's Red Snapper.
We enjoyed breakfast every morning at a table with an ocean view. what a great way to start the day. Diving began at 8:30.
I always cleaned my plate before Kim.
Kim's favorite dive site was "1,000 Steps". The steps are outlined in red as they come down the side of cliff. Walking all the way down and back up again with about 65 pounds of scuba gear on your back is no easy task. Kim also go knocked down by the waves on her entrance but she still says it was the best dive of the week. Magnificent coral heads and various sea life.
This is a view of 1,000 steps from near the top. You can see the sandy beach at the bottom.
Kim found this Cornet fish at Something Special. It is only the second time I have seen a cornet fish in over 800 dives.
We saw this spotted Eagle Ray at Windsock. It swam within 15 feet of us.
We saw a few wild flamingos. You can see two in this picture.
We didn't dive all the time. We slowed down a few days to enjoy other parts of the resort and island. Here, Kim relaxes in a hammock on the gazebo.
Many of the northern walls are solid with magnificent hard coral formations. This is a picture taken at 1,000 steps.
Kim is at the bow of the Hilma Hooker. It sets at 100 feet below the surface. Now she can say she went down on the hooker.
Kim is looking at me through the propeller and rudder on the Hilma Hooker.
Kim swimming over a patch of purple tube sponges.
Kim at the entrance to a dive site known as Red Beryl. It was one of her favorites, too.
Kim and I at Red Beryl.
Kim swimming over the white sand in the shallows.
Swimming over a wall of hard coral.
The day after we did 1,000 steps our calves and thighs were burning. Kim was not looking forward to more steps but she did go up and down about 25 steps to get in and out of Windsock. It was worth it. We saw some beautiful coral and a spotted eagle ray.
Kim at the White Slave Huts.
We watched the sun setting at White Slave.
Kim was the first to find a lion fish at Andrea II. We reported it so that the park authority can find it and remove it since they are not native to the Caribbean.
This is the second octopus that Kim spotted. He is not happy that we are looking at him when he is trying to hide. She found another two days earlier on our first dive but I did not have my camera with me.
Puffer fish swimming around the coral.
Murph, one of the divemasters at Buddy Dive is talking to a turtle that decided to join our dive. When we first saw the turtle he had a sea horse in his mouth. Murph rescued the sea horse.
This is the sea horse after Murph rescued it from the turtle.
Kim and I as the sun sets behind the boats at our resort.
This is another turtle that we saw. He did not eat sea horses. He is a good turtle.
Here I am on the boat ready to get back in the water.
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