Bonaire 2017

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Kim and I went back to Bonaire, my favorite place to dive. This is my 19th trip and Kim's 8th trip to Bonaire. On this trip we made 26 dives and spent over 25 hours underwater. Between the two of us we have over 700 dives on the beautiful reefs of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire.

Once again, with the help of Vee at The Travel Shop I arranged a trip to Bonaire.

We are stayed at Buddy Dive Resort on their "Drive, Dive and Stay Package" which includes a vehicle to get us to the shore dive locations, boat diving and unlimited air and nitrox. The only thing not included is our meals but that is not a problem since we have our favorite restaurants on the island and we may have time to check out a few new ones, too.

I will be posting pictures and reports of our trip. Check back occasionally to see new posts.

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Saw lots of puffer fish today. This one was swimming in the deep at Rappel.
Two different color anemonies side by side at Sampler on Klein Bonaire.
Two Six Banded Butterfly fish.
A large Spotted Drum Fish at Carib Inn.
A Spotted Moray Eel pokes his head out from under the coral.
A Peacock Flounder resting on the reef.
A French Angel Fish swims by at Something Special.
a Spotlight Parrot fish swims along the reef.
A couple of Puffer Fish on the reef.
A Scrawled File Fish.
A blue Banded Cleaner Shrimp hides out of the way waiting for a chance to do some cleaning.
"Hello? Hello? Is anyone in there? Can you hear me?"
The coral reef claims another sole.
An Arrow Crab hides behind some fire coral.
A bright Blue Tang swims along the sandy bottom.
A Chain Link Eel pokes his head out to see the diverss.
A French Angel Fish swims though an opening in the coral.
A juvenile French Angel Fish looks at the camera.
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Ok, I have not idea what is going on here. It wasn't a cleaning station but these two fish facing up towards the surface for some unknown reason. Maybe they do it just to mess with us and make us wonder.
Saw one Sea Horse today. I'm sure a lot more saw us.
A gang of Tangs and other fish go on the attack.
Saw these two squid at 1,000 Steps and later we saw 3 more at Pink Beach.
The snow removal equipment was out clearing the snow off the roads so we could get around. Not really. It is harvest time on Bonaire. Their number one crop is salt that they get as a bi-product from the desalinization plant that provides fresh water to the island. Much of the salt makes its way to Illinois, Michigan and New York where it used to melt snow and ice on the winter highways.
A Golden Eel hiding under a coral head.
We saw many beautiful walls of coral on our dives today.
This was the largest Green Moray Eel I've seen in years.
A Harlequin Shrimp hiding under an anemone.
A Rock Beauty swims past.
A Secretary Blenny with a Christmas Tree Worm on top of his house.
A tiny cleaner shrimp dances on a purple tip anemone.
Check out the teeth on this Spotted Moray Eel.
A beautiful Royal Parrot Fish.


 Lots more Puffer Fish today. This one was hiding down in some coral didn't think we could see it.
This was a huge Loggerhead Turtle was sleeping in a cove at about 60 feet below the surface. It was a shaded location on the reef so the picture is not very clear because my camera relies on ambient light.
Two Flamingo Tongue Snails on a piece of coral.
A juvenile French Angel Fish on the reef.
Two Banded Butterfly Fish swim across the reef past some of the soft coral.
A Green Turtle joined us for a while on one dive while it was looking for something to eat.
One of many Secretary Blennies popped out to greet us.
This fish is called a Honeycomb Cowfish because of the honeycomb pattern on his body and the horns over his eyes.
This is a Hawkbill Turtle. We saw three different types of sea turtles this week.
I made my 1,200th dive while I was on this trip. Congratulating me was Murphy, one of the divemasters at Buddy Dive. I have probably made almost 100 of those dives on his boat here on Bonaire.
This octopus was only a few feet off the docks at Buddy on our last night dive.
A turtle goes up to the surface to grab a breath of air. While they can stay down for a long time, they are air breathers and must return to surface occasionally for air.
Charlie, the tarpon, joined us on a couple of our night dives. He like to use our dive lights to find fish to eat.
Date Location Dive Site Maximum Depth Bottom time
5/28/2017 Bonaire Buddy Reef 60 35
5/29/2017 Bonaire Rappel 47 65
5/29/2017 Bonaire Klein Sampler 50 69
5/29/2017 Bonaire Something Special 44 61
5/29/2017 Bonaire Carib Inn 44 56
5/30/2017 Bonaire 1,000 Steps 43 67
5/30/2017 Bonaire Small Wall 61 66
5/30/2017 Bonaire Bachelor's Beach 58 59
5/30/2017 Bonaire Pink Beach 53 56
5/30/2017 Bonaire Buddy Reef 45 36
5/31/2017 Bonaire Klein Joanne's Sunchi 50 66
5/31/2017 Bonaire Andrea I 57 64
5/31/2017 Bonaire Bachelor's Beach 59 60
5/31/2017 Bonaire Yellow Submarine 48 57
6/1/2017 Bonaire Alice in Wonderland 88 48
6/1/2017 Bonaire Lake 50 63
6/1/2017 Bonaire Andrea II 56 60
6/1/2017 Bonaire Oil Slick Leap 56 62
6/1/2017 Bonaire Buddy Reef 51 38
6/2/2017 Bonaire La Dania's Leap 50 67
6/2/2017 Bonaire Petries Pillar 49 70
6/2/2017 Bonaire Red Beryl 60 54
6/2/2017 Bonaire Aquarius 49 57
6/2/2017 Bonaire Buddy Reef 36 45
6/3/2017 Bonaire Klein Forest 50 62
6/3/2017 Bonaire Klein Carl's Hill 76 74





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