Cozumel is an island in Mexico 12 miles off the coast of the Mayan Riviera.

The diving there is great. Mostly drift diving due to the mild to strong currents.

This is a link to the resort I stayed at:

Hotel Cozumel and Resort

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This week of diving in Cozumel has been great. Seemed to fly by fast as most dive vacations do. Visibility has been very good. The weather has been sunny. We met some great people on the dive boat. Kim was certified as an advanced diver and the water has been NWN (no wetsuit needed). 83 to 84 degrees. We got in 18 dives and spent a total of 16.65 hours underwater That is an average 55.5 minutes per dive. Not bad for drift diving where the whole group has to come up at the same time.

If you are waiting for the full length video, here is a trailer to watch for now.

Cozumel Video Trailer

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Juvenile trunk fish (the pea-sized black oval with yellow dots). We've been seeing a lot of these guys on this trip. I saw 8 on one dive.
Our escort to the reef. This dolphin swam in front of the bow for several minutes on one trip.
The reefs are very colorful.
More colorful coral reef.
Yellow seahorse.
Red seahorse.
Yellow sting ray.
Hawksbill turtle.
Arrow crab.
A turtle tries to grab a meal but is bothered by a group of angelfish.
Kim rolled overboard as Dianne and Kristina talk about the upcoming dive.
A Queen Angelfish peeks out from beneath a ledge of the reef.
A large fire worm traverses some soft coral. Don't touch these guys. They will burn you worse than fire coral. (thus the name).
Several small yellow fish hiding in an anemone.
One of the many dramatic swim-throughs.
A tiny hermit crab hides in his shell in the sand.
Another juvenile trunk fish.
Gregorian fans along the top of the wall.
A juvenile drum (black and white, lower center), juvenile angelfish (black and yellow) and a tiger wrasse (in front of angel and above drum) share the same hiding place.
A honeycomb cowfish changes from brown/green pattern to a blue to blend in with background as he swims away from the camera. Notice the horns over the eyes.
A large turtle is awakened from his afternoon nap by divers drifting by the nook in the coral where he was resting.
Purple tipped anemone with an arrow crab beside it.
Two gray angelfish swim into the current as we drift in the opposite direction.
Feather duster soft coral blowing in the strong current. These are soft animals that come out of their hiding places to feed on nutrients that flow by in the currents.
Kim watches the reef drift by below her. At times we were moving pretty fast but many dives were slow and leisurely to give her time use her magnifying glass to look at small creatures. On one afternoon dive on Paradise Reef we spent 60 minutes and only covered about 100 feet of the reef. The photographers and Kim loved it. It gave us time to explore all the nooks and crannies of the reef. But I think one of the divers was getting anxious to move on.
A very small juvenile puffer fish blend in with the background.
Another juvenile puffer in the center of this picture is even harder to see in this shot.
A young puffer fish is easier to spot than the last two juveniles.
This queen trigger swam by.
A large southern sting ray swims off into the blue.
Kim and Kristina watch a shark escape through the coral.
A turtle swims up through the reef.
Another queen trigger swims over the sand.
Another Juvenile Drum fish. I think Kim found at least one of most dives. This one was hiding along with some brittle starfish in the purple coral.
This anemone reflects the sunlight deep under the sea.
Barracuda hovers over the reef.
Colorful coral head in the reef.
Queen angelfish.
Another Juvenile trunk fish. It seemed like these guys were everywhere. I didn't see my first juvenile drum until I had been diving for over 5 years. This week I saw a couple dozen.
Colorful top to another large coral formation.
We found this turtle down around 80 feet swimming between tall coral formations.
Kim can't wait to get to the dive site.
Check out the little spotted moray eel poking his head out. He is in the lower center of the picture below the brown Coney.
The reef seems to be reaching for the surface.
A nurse shark swims out over the ocean floor.
A French Angelfish searching for something to eat.
Who knew that Queen Trigger Fish liked to eat Lionfish?
OK. This will be the last juvenile trunk fish, but I have lots more pictures of them.
Tiny Harlequin shrimp hides in the anemone.
The colorful walls of coral life went on as far one could see.
This hermit crab stopped eating long enough to pose for the camera.
This is the same crab as above. check out those blue eyes.
A large southern stingray glides along the reef below.
Another beautiful swim through.
A Splendid Toadfish peaks out from his hiding place. These guys are seen more often along the barrier reef in Mexico and Central America (Roatan, Utila, Belize)
A different Splendid Toadfish comes half way out of his cave to see the divers fly past.
Another hermit crab moves along the reef.
Another example of the vibrant colors on the reef.
A southern stingray swims below us.
Graceful synchronized swimming by two juvenile drums.
Dive is over. Time for the safety stop before we go to the surface. Kim gets in 3 to 5 minutes of Yoga during her safety stop as she demonstrates the excellent buoyancy skills of an Advanced Diver.
All meals were included at the all-you-can-eat buffet. They had refried beans at every meal, of course. The meals were always good but one night they had an entre prepared especially for my dive group.
Date Location Dive Site Maximum Depth Bottom Time
9/1/2012 Cozumel Dive Paradise Reef 20 64
9/2/2012 Cozumel Palancar Little Caves 77 50
9/2/2012 Cozumel Punta Tunick Reef 62 46
9/2/2012 Cozumel Chancanab Reef 46 56
9/3/2012 Cozumel Columbia Deep 92 49
9/3/2012 Cozumel Columbia Shallows 31 63
9/3/2012 Cozumel Tormentos Reef 66 57
9/4/2012 Cozumel Santa Rosa Wall 75 56
9/4/2012 Cozumel San Francisco  58 61
9/4/2012 Cozumel Paradise Reef 41 60
9/5/2012 Cozumel Cedral Wall 67 47
9/5/2012 Cozumel Chancanab Reef 47 52
9/5/2012 Cozumel Paradise Wall 75 51
9/6/2012 Cozumel Palancar Deep 92 51
9/6/2012 Cozumel San Clamente 37 66
9/6/2012 Cozumel Paradise Shallows 45 63
9/7/2012 Cozumel Palancar Deep 65 58
9/7/2012 Cozumel Punta Tunick Reef 48 49

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