Nassau, Bahamas

Kim and I took a trip to Nassau for a week of diving with Stuart Cove's dive operation. To see more about them click on this link to their web site .

We Stayed at Orange Hill Inn. It is one of the closest accommodations to Stuart Cove's so the bus ride is shorter than other places. They have a restaurant with great home cooked meals. The menu changes every day. They also have an honor bar which is self serve and you just write down what you get and they add it to your bill.

After this trip I have logged 125 dives in the Bahamas. The only place that I have made more dives is Bonaire where I have over 450 dives.

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A photo-op for the cute couple in downtown Nassau.
Kim and I waiting at the seaside bus stop across the road from our hotel. We went into town a couple of nights for dinner.
The remains of a DC-3 that was used in the filming of "Into The Blue" starring Jessica Alba and other people I can't remember. I dove on this same plane wreck in 2004 (right after filming ended and before the film was released). The plane was still intact at that time. Click on this link to see it. I was also able to swim into the plane in 2004. Here I am in the cockpit.
A Green Moray Eel was hiding under the starboard wing of the DC-3.
This is a tiny young file fish trying to blend in with the purple coral behind it.
A French Angel Fish cruises over the reef.
A Gray Angel Fish swims along the bottom.
One of several Queen Angel Fish swimming around the wreck of the Willaurie.
Another Queen Angel Fish out on a reef.
A fairly large hermit crab pokes his eyes from under his shell to see who is taking of picture of him.
A Lion Fish hovers on a wreck. While Lion Fish were seen on nearly every dive, they are not as common as some years in the past. They are making good efforts to control their numbers on the reefs.
An Ocean Trigger fish swims past. We saw more of these fish than I remember seeing on any other dive trips. They seem to be doing well in Nassau this year.
A large Blue Parrotfish.
A group of Parrotfish moving along the sand in search of food.
A small Puffer Fish finding shelter in the reef.
A Scrawled File Fish.
A large Southern Stingray takes off after a short nap on the sandy bottom.
Another large Southern Stingray resting in the wheelhouse of a shipwreck.
Later the Stingray decided to leave the wheelhouse.
A Southern Stingray gliding over the reef.
Two small Tiger Wrasse (about 2 and 3 inches long) on the reef.
A Hawkbill turtle swims by.
Another Hawkbill turtle is feeding on the reef.
Coral covered mast on one of the Twin Sisters at the dive with that name.
A diver hovers over the bow of the Ray of Hope shipwreck.
Kim rolls off the side of the dive boat.
Kim swims over the deck of one of the wrecks.
Kim located the mooring hook that the divemaster dropped off the bow of our boat. Here she is holding the hook while doing her safety stop at the end of the dive.
Kim posing in front of the largest underwater statue at Navi-Navi  dive site.
Kim swims through the beams of sunlight and over the reef.
Kim explores along the bow of a shipwreck at Steel Forest.
Kim swims out of a hole in the side of wreck that was used in the filming of a James Bond movie. Sean Connery swam through the same hole in Thunderball.
Kim in her safety stop yoga pose.
Give Kim a camera and, suddenly, she loses her irrational fear of barracudas. Normally she would curled up in a fetal position covering her ear rings and any other sparkly jewelry but when I let her use my GoPro Hero2 she suddenly starts chasing barracudas.
Saw lots of sharks on this dive. Here one swims right in front of Kim.
This shark swam right under Kim. She claims that it was much closer than it appears in this picture and that if she hadn't spread her legs it would have hit her.
Another shark circles Kim.
A sharks swims close to me for a nice picture.
Shark cruises along the bottom.
This shark explores a wreck at Steel Forest.
Face to face with a shark heading my way.
A shark on the reef.
Another large shark.
  To see these and more pictures of the sharks we saw check out this
 slide show.

To see a video of some of the sharks we dove with check out this

On the last afternoon we visited Paradise Island and Atlantis.
Kim was captured by pirates and I had to negotiate her release.
We visited the Pirates of the Nassau museum. We both enjoyed it and found it interesting.
A view of a typical pirate port in years past.
Between our morning and afternoon dives we relaxed to eat lunch and enjoy this view of paradise.

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