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This is my formal picture. This is what I look like when I am working in a formal setting (trade shows, lectures, television appearances.) I don't always wear a suit, though. Below are some thumbnails of me in a more casual setting. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.

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This is picture of me and Goofy (I'm the one in the shorts and striped shirt). He is one of my favorite Disney characters.

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I lived in the Atlanta area for 5 years. It is a great city. There is always a lot to do here. In 1996 I went to some of the Olympic events.

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Her I am surfing.



You didn't know I could surf?

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This is a picture of me and my four younger sisters. From left to right, they are: Emma Lou, Kathy, Nancy and Mary.

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Nieces and nephews. I have seven nieces and nephews.

Click on the thumbnail to the left and see all of them.

If you can't get enough pictures of me here, you can find a lot more of me in other sections.