woodypup.jpg (16200 bytes) This is what Woody looked like when I first got him. He was only 6 weeks old. He was born deaf. It is a genetic defect seen sometimes in white dogs or cats. Raising a deaf dog takes a lot of time and ingenuity. They have special needs and special problems.
Woody.jpg (32512 bytes) This is what Woody looks like today.

Woody is a Bull Terrier.

Other famous Bull Terriers include "William the Conqueror" owned by General George Patton and "Spuds McKenzie the Original Party Animal" (former Bud Light spokes model). According to the previews, there is a bull terrier in the new "Babe" movie.

Woody is a great dog. He understands hand signals. He loves people and other animals. He graduated at the top of his obedience class even though he was the only deaf dog in the class. He has been given awards for his assistance in the "Reading Aloud" program for elementary schools in West Virginia. He travels with me at times and has appeared on TV shows at times. He has won prizes at fun pet shows for celebrity look alike (Spuds) and best trick (he loves to chase a red laser light).

woody201.jpg (65825 bytes) A more recent picture of Woody in front of my house. He hasn't changed much in the last few years.
archie.jpg (28947 bytes) This is Archie. He was my first Bull Terrier. I got Archie when he was 2 years old. He had developed a very bad thunderstorm phobia. He would go through wooden doors, car windows and chain links fences when there was a storm. I used a flooding technique to control his phobia.

Archie is the only Bull Terrier to ever get an AKC Tracking Degree.

His full name is
Ch Carnelian's Nero of Bullrun, TDX