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This is my favorite picture of Anna and Chris.
It was taken at Anna's First Communion.
This is how I think of them, but like all kids, they grew up.
Today they are two wonderful teenagers that any parent would be proud of.
They live with their mother in Virginia. Anna is a student at UVA and Chris is in High School.

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Both my kids were big Ohio State fans since they were very small. Anna's first words were "Go Bucks!"

chrisosu.jpg (26403 bytes) Chris is seen here in his Ohio State shirt.

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Anna and Chris pose here with me at my sister, Emma's, wedding.

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When Anna and Chris were 8 and 6, we took a trip down the New River in West Virginia.
I took this picture when we stopped
to eat lunch.

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As you can see in a picture taken at Epcot Center in Disney World in 1997, these two children are almost as tall as me. They grow up so fast.

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Anna won ribbons at a horse show when she was ten years old.
This was not her first horse show. When she was 5 years old, she won a trophy at a horse show in Waverly, WV.

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This is Anna's senior picture in high school.
Her full name is Anna Carmen Endrizzi. That makes her initials ACE.
She is sometimes called Anna Banana.
She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

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Anna and I enjoyed a week in the Florida Keys this summer.
Here we are getting ready to order dinner at an ocean side restaurant at sunset.

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This is Chris just after he won several ribbons in a horse show.

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This is Chris on a vacation at Sea World.

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Chris and Anna went on a rafting trip down the New River in West Virginia
when Chris was only six years old.

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